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Cabin Memories

by: Janet Symonds

In 1964 my husband Jerry, myself and three of our four children (the baby stayed with Grandma) were camping in Quebic.  On a rainy day we took a trip to Kirkland Lake.  I went to look in a yarn shop and Jerry was looking at pictures in a real estate window when Arley Wright came out and said, "I am going to sell you a cabin today"!  At that time Jerry was a minister of a small church in Ohio, I was teaching school, we had four small children and no money!  By the end of that day Arney took our lot in Quebec as a down payment and we had a cabin on Lake Sesekinika.  That cabin had been owned by a Mr. Robinson who had a furniture store.  We went back to the camp site, packed up and finished our vacation in the cabin.  Arnley was a good friend and visited us a couple of times on his way to Florida.

We spent six weeks every summer there for the next three years.  We had such a good time and met so many great people.  In 1967 we moved to Massachuetts and because of the long driving distance we decided to sell and get something closer on the Cape.  One day when Jerry was on the dock a man in a canoe came up and asked if we were interested in selling.  We don't remember the name of that person.  After looking at the pictures in the Ingimundson-Campbell story we think that might be our former cabin.  When standing on our dock looking out at the lake the Lamb's cabin was on the island to the left.  To the right on the mainland was a house belonging to a doctor.  He was so nice to let us park our car and dock our boat at his place. Let us know if this sounds like your cabin.  In 1999 we had a house fire and lost all of our pictures.

Our kids always remember among other things our daily boat ride to check the mail and get ice cream at the little store in Sesekinika.  We are now retired and live in Othello, a small town in eastern Washington State.  We talk about getting on the train in Vancouver, BC and ending up at that little store in Sesekinika.  Maybe we will do that someday! 


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