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Cedar Point Island A1 Sesekinika Lake

by: Betty Pearce


In the 50th Anniversary Year of the Lake Association, I must submit what I know, for Herb (deceased August 6th, 1998).

This property has been in the Pearce name since March 1, 1947.  Ethel Pearce, Mother of Herbert Pearce, signed it over to him May 12, 1959.  Herb and Kay started clearing the land for the cottage in the early 50's with the help of Kay's sister and brother-in-law, Pat and Lloyd Culhane.  The Culhane children have many memories of summers here at Sesekinika.  The cement base of the flagpole has the inscription "The Pearces- Cedar Point- June 29/58.  The precut cottage was erected by company-trained personnel, shortly after that date.  In the 70's the large screened room was added- a wonderful place to entertain and to escape from the bugs.

Herb's friends tell me he was very involved in activities around the lake.  He was President of the Lake Association in the 70's and continued as a director until into the 80's when he had to resign due to Kay's deteriorating health.  For many years, Herb had an airplane and some referred to him as the "Sesekinika Air Force".  He used the plane to spot and to advise the location of rocks in the lake.

Northwood Camp and its campers were dear to his heart and he often spoke of working with others of building the outdoor barbeque, of soaking bulrushes in kerosene for the torchlight boat parades and of taking campers for boat rides.  He also spoke of the lake regattas and of pulling waterskiers in that event.  This year, Mildred (Elliott) Towers, (her father was Bert Elliott, a cottager on the lake in the 30's and 40's), showed me an old letter from her daughter, Kelly, who was visiting at the lake in the 60's and she mentions Herb taking her waterskiing one day when they were both visiting the Moodies.

Herb loved the lake and his favourite saying was, "THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES AT SESEKINIKA".

For me, Sesekinika will always hold special memories.  As a young child, I vacationed with some of my parents friends, the Irwins, here on the lake.  Their cottage was next to Dr. Jefferies on A1, not far from Oliver Blais' cottage, as I recall.  I think there is a large new cottage on the site.  Back then we stayed at the Elliott's cottage and slept in their loft.  My most vivid memory of that time was loosing my little black spaniel pup for several days- he was found thirsty, hungry and dirty, too.  He had slipped into a deep hole far back in the thick bush!  I must also mention that the Elliotts had a lovely sand beach for castle-building and I was only allowed to wade into the lake a short ways.

Since 1990 when I first came to Sesekinika again, and to the Pearce cottage, I have come to love this place as dearly as Herb and his family did.  So many wonderful friends here!  It will be a sad day when I must leave- but my memories will remain- especially the "Herb" days.

Submitted by Betty Pearce (Secretary of the Lake Association in the 90's)


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