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Growing up in Sesekinika

by: Katie Beaudoin

Hi my name  is Katie Beaudoin.  I'm ariginally from Kirkland Lake.  I moved here when I was 3. Before that we camped at my grandfather's cottage, located behind Dumas' house.

I enjoyed the community sliding party held by Norm Grossinger.  I hope we have it again next year.    Also,  I like the annual ice fishing derby and although we didn't have a Sesfest last year, the previous ones were great.  When I first moved out here, there was a craft night held every monday night at the firehall by Cindy Fillion.  She would teach us crafts and  make hot chocolate.  

I learned to do lots of fun things here, like fishing, canoeing and kayaking.  When I'm a little older I will race in the High Water Run with my mom.

Sesekinika-It's a great place to grow up.   Katie 


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