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Highway Bras are quite a distraction!

by: Breanna McClarty

This is a happy tale about friendship and community spirit.

Anyone driving down Highway 11 in  mid-September may have been startled to see 50 brasiers lining the road.  No, it was not a feminist movement as some of you may have thought.  Instead it was a tribute to one of our most cherished citizens.  Had you read the sign"Raise Your Cups, Marlene's 50"  you would have been able to gather that Marlene Danis, who still looks the part of a ravishing 21 year old, had in fact just turned 50.  We, the community of Sesekinika, all pitched in old, new, tattered and torn bras until 50 had been collected.  We then proudly displayed them for all to see.  This is just one of the incidents that binds us together, not only as a community, but as a family.  For this reason I will always proudly call Seskinika home.

Breanna McClarty


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