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Ingimundson-Campbell Photos

by: Signy Ingimundson-Campbell

            Our family connection to Lake Sesekinika started in South America.  Sig Ingimundson (my father) and Jack Thornham were engineers in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the early 1950's.  The Thornham children and I went to the school for foreign students and became friends.

            Upon returning to Canada,   the Thornhams moved to Matagami Noranda, Quebec, while the Ingimundson's settled north of Toronto near Thornhill, Ontario.

            In 1968 my parents, Sig and Evelyn Ingimundson met the Thornham grandparents Dave and Bessie Cramp and their daughter Pat Cramp in Delray Beach, Florida.  The news was shared that Susan Thornham and I were teaching in Burlington Ontario.  We were unaware that the other was there.  My parents told me the news and Susan and I became reacquainted. 

            I visited the Thornhams cottage with Susan on Lake Sesekinika.  Many fun filled afternoons were spent water skiing and "discing" from the island between the Lambs and the Wolfs.  The disc was a circle cut from a red pin pong table and remains in use by our family to this day.  We held the rope attached to the boat and were pulled through the water.  Depending on your confidence/ and or skill you would ride on your stomach, knees or standing on your feet, sometimes even with the family pet and barstool.

            In 1970, Susan Thornham and I moved to teach in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Scott Ingimundson Campbell was born on April 14, 1978.  That June, Susan and I brought Scott to Sesekinika.  After the long drive from Thunder Bay and the short boat ride across the Lake in the middle of the night to the Cramp cottage, Scott was made comfortable in Aunt Pat's bureau drawer for the night.

            In the fall 1978, Florena Thornham called Al and me with an offer to sell the south end of the island A7.  She and Jack had purchased a cottage on the mainland beside Gail and Ed Havrot.  We were obviously pleased!  Jack Thornham was very conscientious in teaching me how to look after the camp, especially the water system.  At that time the pump was under the cottage.  The operative word is under.  One or both of us were forever bumping our heads when getting water to prime the pump or retrieve a needed tool.

            Sig Andrew Ingimundson Campbell was born March 5, 1981 and spent more than one afternoon nap in the bottom of the boat to keep cool and was lulled to sleep by the waves in the boathouse.

            The two brothers, Scott and Andrew spent their summers at Sesekinika.  We enjoyed brush fires by the shore or fishing off "the little island" in front of the cottage, along with the best fishing on the lake off the end of our dock.

            Sailing was always an adventure on Sesekinika - lake of many islands.  The flying junior sailboat and I would get blown down and had to be towed home when the wind changed.

            A summer would not be complete without visiting the osprey's nest or fishing in front of Coney Island.

            Another annual happening for Scott and Andrew was the ritual evening boys channel swim with Mr. Armstrong our neighbour.  Sometimes this was preceded by a visit to "Deadman’s Cabin”.  The "swim" was sometimes followed by the boys jumping off the boathouse roof.

            One summer, the island's population was increased by four domestic ducks which we purchased at the New Liskeard farmers market.  The ducks imprinted on the boys and followed them everywhere, even after Scott in the kayak or Andrew who was swimming.

            Every year we invited the Moodie/Topping young people over for a swim/water ski/discing day.      A summer would not be complete without a "poker party" or two.  Change purses, jars, cans with money magically appeared from winter hiding places.  Occasionally we played cards to the wee hours of the morning when Aunt Pat's "banana boat" could be heard putting home after her late night bridge game.

            The logs along the front of the cottage have had to be removed and were expertly replaced   with sliding doors by Robb McKelvey.  A new deck was also installed.   T he wonderful summer memories of the past   will give way to the exciting adventures of the future.  We treasure our times on Lake Sesekinika.

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