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Island Raids

by: Claire Schonfeldt
Many a fun evening was spent by the Mckelveys and the Schonfeldts planning ways to raid the American visitors across the lake on the island. The Schloz never seemed to be alarmed or anxious in wait for what they knew would always come noisily in the night. This was of course because they could hear every word we were saying acroos the lake and this gave them ample opportunity to be prepared for our "surprise attack" on their property. So the fun began. We, "the enemy" would canoe over in the still of the night bearing pails of water,giggling...."quietly". Of course they were always waiting.....lined up around the perimeter of the island armed with many more water pails than we could carry in our canoes. The evening always ended with both sets of water warriors enjoying great food, drink and foolery. A great memory!

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