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McClartys and Sesekinika

by: Kalon McClarty

  My name is Kalon Robert McClarty, and I'm an Albertan, well, at least I am now. I'm originally from Lake Sesekinika, or homestead camp, and alot of you probably know my parents Mitch and Maryann. First off I'd like to bring one thing up. While browsing through this site I was shocked, (ohh yes, shocked) to discover a certain lack of McClarty on this site, not one darn reference. I mean come on! that lake would fall apart without a strong McClarty influence throughout. What are you guys trying to pull? I mean, you think we'd be on the site by association to Harry, the man is my grandfather after all. 

   But I'm not bitter, I'm just happy I caught it when I did. Now i'll make a few things known which my father should have put down months ago.

  In case you don't know her, My mother, Mary ann is the daughter of Harry and Johanna Janssen (the Dutchmen on the point). She grew up at the lake with her brothers and sisters Tony, Tina, Henry, Marlene, and Eric. After ohhh, lets say 20 years she met a charming Irishmen in Alberta, a strapping gentlemen of short stature and huge brawn, who could wrestle a bear (starting on the bottom), or so I'm told. They married and had three wonderful children: Conor, the successful Power linemen, Breanna, the medical student, and Kalon, the arts student with eyes that could make even the strongest woman blush... but I digress.

   We lived at the lake for, ohh, around 7 years, and ended up moving to Alberta, were we had many a wacky adventure. Every summer, though, we would return to our cottage at Ses, until my parents finally moved back there last year. 'Abandoning' their children in the Big Bad World. 

  Hun, our history didn't take as long to recite as I expected... Oh well, back to the reason we' re all here, The McClarty's.

 My mother and father now live at the lake, surrounded by wonderful people and beautiful landscape, anxiously awaiting this summer's family reunion.

So if your ever curious as to who these McClarty's are that you keep hearing are causing trouble, Our house is on the top of a hill of the homestead camp bay. (second to the right from the beach) you can't miss it, it's the one with the grumpy Irishmen on the deck in the revealing robe.

                                                                                                                                              -Kalon McClarty


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