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by: Mitch McClarty
Sesekinika There is a place in Ontario's northland, Full of black bear and beaver and moose. I've got a home on a lake, Sesekinika, Where Mary Ann and I go to cut loose. We cleared land and we built us a cottage, Raised three children somewhere on the way. As soon as we're free, it will be her and me, Headed back to paradise in our bay. Someone said we were deserting our children, They're not children, and they'll be okay. If our kids need help, they will fend for themselves, And Mom's only a phone call away. I'm tired of coming home to a land lot, I'm tired of life's silly games, I need a massive attack, of rest and relax, I need campfires and brew with my mates. I need the smell of the forest around me, And the sounds through the window at night, I like watching things grow and mountains of snow, When I take my sled out for a ride. I love getting in the boat in the evening, With tea and a crumpet for two. It's like sailing on glass as we watch the time pass, The lake mirrors the sunsets bright hues. An osprey does spirals in the distance He stops and seems to hang in the sky. Then like a torpedo he drops, at a zeroed in spot, Folds his wings, tucks his head, and he dives. We have family and friends waiting for us, There is yard work and the place needs repairs, There is lots to be done , but we'll make time for fun, Come and see us, if your way passes near. Mitch McClarty

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