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Sesekinika Burial Ground

by: Sesekinika BookWorm

Another one of Sesekinika's fascinating history is pictured below.  The grave site is located just past the Sesekinika village, over the tracks, turn towards Vermette's cottage.  Just at the corner you turn to your left.

Speculation has it that the native people traveled through the Sesekinika lake waterways hunting and fishing.  Sesekinika was a stop over and hence became a private burial ground.

The name carved on the stone is Rosa Elizabet Black. She was of Ojibway descent and the wording inscribed in Ojibway means "She had lived a long and good life".

Two native graves, unmarked, are on either side and rumours were that she was a princess and the two graves are the warrior guards.

Some of the Black family have come in the past to pay their respects and maintain this special grave site.

Story and photo taken from The Sesekinika BookWorm

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