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Sesekinika Lake Association History

by: Mary Celia Moodie
In the late 20's, as seen through the youthful eyes of your Historian, life at the village centered around the General Store of Olaf Olsen and the Marina of Chris Sorenson. While both locations are gone, in their day, each played a key role in the lives of summer and permanent residents. As General Store and Post Office and through the succession of different hands, the Store was the meeting place for many during the change from the days of the train to those of the auto. The Marina also had an important role to play in the period leading to the mid 50's. For gasoline, ice and people transportation, it served as a haven for property owners to discuss the affairs of the Village and Lake. The idea for an Association was conceived of such a gathering of well wishers for the good of the Lake Community. From 1935 to the mid fifties, ownership and operation was in the capable hands of the McGregor family until sold to Tony Heikkila. The Association began in 1954 headed by Alec Harris who, with Doctor Bill Burgman and Doctor Ralph Neelands introduced the Constitution. Aims were "for the stimulation and promotion of interest in aquatic sports, water safety and the enhancement of the natural beauty of Lake Sesekinika". Alec Harris, a resident of Kirkland Lake, was the secretary of all the mines in the city. Other names were; Bill Burgman, Secretary- Bill Wiggins, CEO & Sales- Bill Sampson and Ernie Miron. We run the risk of offdending others whose names should be included here. Apologies given. Also active in the formation of Northwood Camp were Alec Harris, Gilbert Kokotow, Jack Richards and later Lloyd McGregor who served as Manager for 16 years. The relationship with the Camp continues to be active. Other activities over the years for the Sesekinika Lake Association have been aquatic sports, water safety, lake levels, and marking the rocks. The Association is the second oldest of such groups in Ontario. Taken from the 1998 Sesekinika Lake Proprty Owners' Association Newsletter

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