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The Trussler Story

by: Helen Trussler
Two of our former Sesekinika neighbours, Bill McKelvey and Judy Barr suggested we should add our bit of Trussler history to the Sesekinika Lake History website so here goes...... In 1950 Bill, along with Al Cameron, acquired 175 feet of lake frontage from Norman Mortson, Gus Mortson's father. It was located between properties owned by Joe Knox and Jamie Little (now McKelvey) and Ken Griffin (now D. Thompson). The price was one dollar per foot for the land, a big investment in those days.This piece of land was,I believe, part of a mining claim and there was an old cottage on the part that Mortson retained.The following summer Al Cameron was transferred to Sudbury by the Department of Mines and Bill's Mom and Dad,Grace and Rollie Trussler,bought his piece of property and built a little cottage on the point for themselves. Ours was built in 1950(20 feet by 24 feet) using trees from the site for the base and we were able to find a source of unplaned lumber for the frame,then some siding.With lots of help from family and friends we had ourselves a summer cottage.We were fortunate to find a very good, not too old cook stove which was still in working order when we sold the property.We had 2 children,Andy and Grace at that time.Our third,Tom, was born the following January.John arrived 3 years later. We had no hydro nor water,just what we carried from the lake and we brought drinking water from home.We could get water from a spring up in front of Linton's or from our good neighbours the Littles who had a well if we should run out. Refrigeration was a problem and we did acquire an old ice box refrigerator but could only get ice at Gull Lake where George Henneberry had an ice house.Young people today would have no idea of that kind of carry on! Don, Bill's brother, left Kirkland Lake in the late 1950's so he did not build on his 50 feet so we acquired that part.The remainder of the Mortson property became available sometime in the 60's and Dad, Rollie Trussler bought it and renovated the old cottage.He later sold it to Cliff Rankin, but severed a piece from the west side to make his lot larger.Rankin sold to Bill and Isobel Barr and their daughter,Judy Barr built a new cottage in the 80's.When Bill's Mom and Dad were no longer able to come to their cottage, we bought their place. We had an aluminum row boat that we had acquired before we had become cottagers and went to various lakes such as Victoria.Later better boats and motors followed.Bill built row boats for our 2 younger sons,Tom and John and of course they assisted him.This was quite an achievement for them! Gradually we would spend the whole summer at the cottage,lots of good times with cousins and friends visiting,blueberries to pick,not always appreciated by the youngsters and fish to catch. We went to town to do the washing, get the mail and shop.I remember there was still door to door milk delivery then and the milkman from Producer's Dairy came one day and asked if I would like milk delivered to the cottage.I was so surprised,never expected that they would come out there and I said "OK".Then Lindfors who was our regular supplier in town came and was not too pleased with me.Note,milk was delivered in glass returnable bottles in those days. There were many young folks spending their summers in the "bay" so there was always something for them to do. As the years rolled on the children married and moved from the area but did enjoy bringing the grand children to visit at the cottage. In 1996 we moved from Kirkland Lake to Powassen where John is located and began to find the trip back to Sesekinika a little much and the children not able to come to the cottage very often so we decided we had better sell.Andrew Johnson of Kirkland Lake bought our place in 2002.We do miss being there but are quite happy in our new home and we are thankful for the 52 years of good memories we have of happy times at Lake Sesekinika. Bill and Helen Trussler

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