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Thomson Moodie Photos from 1930s continued

by: Celia Moodie Topping
Image 1.   1932 - Thomson Moodie Cottage. For their first few summers, the Thomsons rented different cottages at Sesekinika. On their third summer, the family rented, then purchased this cottage at their present loaction on A-1 Island. Over the years, my grandfather (Udy Thomson) added and enlarged it to the size it is today.
Image 2.   1932 - Muriel Fee at the Kingston family (now Pat Cramp's cottage). Note the putt putt at the dock.
Image 3.   1934 - Bud Thomson (Mary Celia Thomson Moodie's brother) - age 14. One of Bud's summer jobs was delivering blocks of ice (cut from the lake in winter and stored in sawdust in Ollie's ice hut behind the General Store) to customers around the lake. Although American, Bud flew in the RAF in World War II. He and his wife, Kathleen, stayed in St. Louis, but loved to visit Sesekinika over the years.
Image 4.   1935 - Udell Thomson (Mary Celia Thomson Moodie's father). Udy used to travel to the lake each summer by train and stay for a few weeks with his family. A favorite activity for friends and family was taking surf board rides.
Image 5.    1937 - Mary Celia Thomson and Jack Fee. Another favorite activity was fishing.
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