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Thomson Moodie Photos from 1930s thru 1950s

by: Celia Moodie Topping
Image 1.    1937 - The Fishermen. From left to right: Jack Fee, Bud Thomson, Ralph Neelands, Arnley Wright and sitting: Udy Thomson.
Image 2.    1937 - Ollie Olsen's General Store. Can you find Udy Thomson (white shirt), Chris Sorenson (with hat), Ret Thomson (with dog) and Mary Celia Thomson (standing at pole)?
Image 3.    1953 - Ollie Olsen. Ollie managed the General Store - the center of all Sesekinika activities. In her Sesekinika Memories, Arlene Wright provides a wonderful description of the store and Ollie.
Image 4.    1949 - Thomson Moodie Cottage. Although the cottage looks more familiar, the boathouse would not be added until the mid 50s.
Image 5.   1949 - Udy and Ret Picking Blueberries. Udy, my grandfather, always wore his beany and was known as Mr. Fix-It because he was very handy. Ret, my grandmother, loved tending her extensive flower beds and was a wonderful cook.
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