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Thomson Moodie Photos from 1930s

by: Celia Moodie Topping
Image 1.    1927 - Ferguson Highway Postcard. In 1929, my grandmother (Ret Thomson), with 9 year old daughter Mary Celia (my mother), 7 year old son Bud, and her mother, traveled north to Sesekinika from St. Louis, Missouri. This Highway, linking North Bay to Latchford, opened in 1927, and theirs was one of the first American cars taking this route. 
Image 2.    1932 - Ferguson Highway Travel Permit. Each summer, the Thomson family make the five day trip from St. Louis to Sesekinika. You can see that this is actually the permit issued to them in 1932. Thanks to my Mom, Mary Celia Thomson Moodie, for sharing these pictures and keepsakes which are dear to her heart.
Image 3.    1934 - Chris Sorenson's Landing. Chris owned the mainland Marina (later sold to McGregors) and you could leave your car, rent a rowboat, dock and buy gas from him. For more about Chris, read Sesekinika Memories by Arlene Wright.
Image 4.   1934 - Chris Sorenson. Chris, a year round resident of Sesekinika, was actually an American citizen who had fought in the Spanish American War. My Mom, Mary Celia Thomson Moodie, said he was always dressed as in this picture. He spent his last few winters in St. Louis with my grandparents - Udy and Ret Thomson. He is buried at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.
Image 5.   1930 - Mary Celia Thomson Moodie and her brother Bud (Udell Thomson, Jr.)
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