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Thomson Moodie Photos from 1940 and 1950s

by: Celia Moodie Topping
Image 1.   1949 - Family. From left to right: granchildren David & Ian Moodie, Ret Thomson, daughter-in-law Kathleen Thomson, and grandchildren Pat & Jimmy Thomson. Each summer, Udy and Ret would welcome their six grandchildren for the summer.
Image 2.   1951 - Brothers David, Ian, myself (Celia) and sister Mary. Note Mary is safely tethered so she can't wander too far.
Image 3.   1951 - Brother David, age 8, with his Catch. The covered docks would later be replaced with the boathouse.
Image 4.   1957 - Sharon Bedwell Ritchie & me, Celia Moodie Topping.
Image One
Image Two
Image Three
Image Four
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