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To post a story, anecdote, memory, etc and/or photo simply click the Add a Story and/or Photo link at the top of your screen or click here.

You will then see the following fields:

Your Name:
Please enter your name or family name here. This name will appear as the Author of the article/story or Photographer.

Your Email:
Please enter your valid email address here.

Story Title:
Please enter the title of your story/article or for your photo(s) here. Do not include any punctuation or characters other than 0-9 and A-Z a-z.

You will copy and paste or type your story/article/anecdote/memory here. You will notice that the layout is similar to Microsoft Word and other word processors. You can format your information into paragraphs, change fonts and colours, and even link to images. Please leave this empty if you are just uploading a photo.

Upload Images:
We have included five boxes or slots to upload photos or other files with your story/memory, or if you are just uploading photographs. Simply click the browse button, locate the photo or file you wish to add, and click OK. Repeat this process until you have added all of the desired files.

Add Story/Photo
Lastly, hit "Add Story". By hitting this button you send your information and files to this website, and for inclusion in the commemorative publication.

Please do not hesitate to contact or visit the BrickHost Support Site for assistance 24/7.
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