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Welcome to the Sesekinika Lake Property Owners Association 50th Anniversary Website

This website has been created as a resource to gather stories, anecdotes, photos, articles,
and any experiences you or your family has had on Sesekinika.

So please, post a story, a photo, a joke, a memory, or anything you would like to share
and it will be included in a Commemorative Publication that will be released this summer.

Thank you Germar Welding & Contracting for your support, please make sure to visit their website at

The Third Edition Commemorative Collection Booklet is now available!

Over 100 pages of stories, history and photographs.

View the Collection Booklet online, or download a file to print off at home or professionally.

If you would like a hard copy of the booklet, simply download the high quality PDF or Word Document and email or take the file on CD to a professional printer i.e. Staples, Mail Boxes, etc.

Booklet as PDF (online viewing) 3.2mb

Booklet as PDF (high quality to be taken to a printer) 43.2mb

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF files

Booklet in MS Word Format 37.7mb

Pleae do not use this site as a personal photo album.
Any inappropriate posts and files will be deleted, and posters may be banned.

Stories Posted:

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